Dave Lamont – let go?

So, it seems that the sportscaster of WIOD, Dave Lamont, was let go. What is Clear Channel doing? It’s sad to see him go but maybe CC has good reasons for this or did he get another job?

It looks like he got into an argument with one of the program directors at 610AM and was “let go” due to this. It looks like we won’t be enjoying him on the Paul & Young Ron show anymore. :(

I should have noticed something was missing the past few days. Good luck, Dave. Hopefully you can quickly pick yourself back up with a good job.

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  • Kent says:

    I can’t believe that Dave Lamont is gone. The morning show is just stumbling, I can’t listen to it. I have even tuned into 850 to listen to news but mostly decided to just listen to music. I did hear Bruce Kelly one morning, guess I know where he is temporarily now.
    You guys need to get Dave back…. this is a big mistake….him on another talk show radio station would definitely change my mind where to tune in.

  • Yosefah says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The programming people at 610 are just clueless how important continuity is. People don’t tune in for the news–that they can get in 5 minutes and move on to another station. They tune in for the personality. If they connect with the individual–because he is funny or they relate to him–they stay with that station. If not–it adios.

  • Kevin Fabre says:

    I agree with the others. My mornings haven’t been the same since Dave Lamont left. He was the voice of Miami in the morning as far as I was concerned. He had a real personality (good, bad and sometimes crazy)…but I could relate to him, especially while driving into work in the morning. I listened to the new show and it totally sucks. Too bad. WIOD has lost many long time listeners because of this.

  • Gus says:

    It is terrible and unbelievable that WIOD let Dave Lamont go. Clear Channel and WIOD need to return Dave Lamont as soon possible. The morning show as it is now could not be worse. I guess Clear Channel and WIOD do not care about their listining audience.

  • Linda says:

    I also can not believe they let Dave Lamont go. I truly enjoyed listening to him in the Mornings and then on Paul & Ron.
    This has to be another bad Corporate decision, because one thing is certain where ever he goes so shall this part of the South Florida
    listening audience. I know Pride is one of the (deadly) 7. But if they
    do not bring him back, there decision will be Fatal.
    Good Luck, Dave.
    We love you!!!!!!!

  • Jon says:

    I am glad they let him go, I had switched to other stations on the morning because he was so bad.

  • Tom says:

    Dave was ok, I didn’t mind him, but they let the wrong person go. footy is awful and has made me turn the chanel during the day.


  • GigiI love says:

    We need to find Dave! He needs to come back. The Program Director has been doing the show on IOD for the last few days and he puts me to sleep. Thank goodness football is starting soon so I can go back to my sports talk shows.

  • Anthony says:

    I think Dave Lamont was great; but honestly, things happen. And they are often nono of our business-
    I think that Manny Munoz is doing a wonderful job. He is dignified and clean cut, and his presentation and continuity is very appealing.
    Hat’s off to Manny Munoz and the Female Newscasters he has on board, too-
    Good luck to Dave Lamont-I am sure he is going to be just fine-He is a fixture here in south Florida-

    Manny–you are doing great!

  • Connie says:

    Wow half asleep in the mornings and have been thinking Dave was Away on vacation… the SHOW is suffering 610 Manny, you got me yesterday with the call in for bad drivers…clearly your opinion is women cant drive..wonder why the insurance companies think MEN cause most of the accidents. I was wondering when Dave was coming back and checked into it today.. DAVE if you;re out there at a new station.. Get the WORD out and I’m sure you’re loyal followers will do just that..

  • Diane says:

    I am so bummed! I have been listening to Dave Lamont for years …he’s the best! That female who was hosting a week ago was horrible and Manny’s OK but…wow!

    Where in the world is Dave Lamont now! Please let your listening audience know where to now tune their dial…

    We miss you Dave!

  • Andrew says:

    WHEN Is Dave coming back? Nothing unique about the morning show now, sounds like everyone is just going thru the motions, its not the same with out Dave!!! WHERE IS DAVE???? What Station boss fires the best morning show guy on the AIR?? Even Natalie sounds depressed.

  • Jim says:

    I thought Dave was on vacation.Wow was it a surprise to hear a “Different” voice(and personality).What kind of argument could be that big to take a great host off the air??Thats what I would like to know.Whats even worse is the new guy has a whiny voice which irritates your ears.It seems like the station takes the audience for granted.It sounds like an ego thing,”my dog is bigger than yours” sort of childish.The best way to describe it I guess is in the past I would listen for a long time, now I only tune in for the traffic than switch,the more I think about it at some point ,probably sooner than later I will listen to any other channel that seems to have a positive host whose voice is at least not irritating.

  • JB says:

    I too thought Lamont was on vacation, but I am glad to hear that he will not be back. He was one of the most obnoxious and annoying people on radio, and I cringed every time I heard his voice. I like WIOD’s news, and that is the only reason I would listen to the station when he was on. Good riddence to Dave Lamont! Now, hopefully they will get a decent host for the SFFN show (sorry, but Manny Munoz’ voice is not a radio voice, and he also should not be an on-air personality).

  • Alex says:

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  • kev says:

    I cannot stand the new voice. it’s irritating. I defintily will switch once find out where Dave is..

  • Dan says:

    Where’s Dave?

    First they make the idotic move to get rid of Beck for that annoying Footy (which I can deal with because I’m usually working any way), and then they get rid of Lamont for that abortion of a talk show host Manny. What a bunch of morons! At least they didn’t put that flaming liberal moron woman in there who said she’s never heard of Michael Savage and was trying to get him fired, what an idiot. I listen only for the news and weather now, and turn it off until rush is on.

  • Dave says:

    Dave Lamont was a tremendous host and interviewer. He is well known, respected and attracted top names for the interview segments of his show. I didn’t always agree with him, but he was the first consistent show host since Rick & Suds were canned many years ago. The sad reality in South Florida is that with CCs control of the market, where do you expect Dave to show up? Great talent, big loss! By the way, Footie is the most ingorant and ill prepared show host I have ever listened to – tuned in once – never again!

  • Rhonda says:

    DAVE, we still don’t know where you’ve been hiding?!? I guess you won’t be back on WIOD, but your loyal listeners want to follow you on the radio if possible. You are missed! Does anyone else know where Dave is or is he going to enjoy some R&R for awhile??

  • James Tiffin says:

    Dave was just OK but the real crime is on WIOD sister station 940 WINZ. They let go Nicole Sandler. She was great at letting South Florida what was REALLY going on around town. Heads should roll at Clear Channel as this station does not know what it is doing. It is a very raceist station. They keep the bad hosts on the air like (Rush, Shit show, handidy) and they remove the voices of the people. It is a joke, I listen to FM and Joe Rose in the morn now!

  • Margaret Blaine says:

    Dave, this has to be one of the biggest dissapointments of the year for me. You know how you recognize a time-line through the memmory of events, movies, music, etc. Well, your sudden absense will factor into my ’08 time-line. Don’t the execs realize that they are loosing listeners! WIOD has lost me.
    Dave, you’re classic! You’re our voices personified in this strange culture. You’re our bridge back home every morning. One thing is FOR SURE; you’re going places. If WIOD didn’t want you, they don’t deserve you. The only thing is, we miss you….

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