No YCW today but OMG has a rather interesting breakfast.

Yep, there is no You Can’t Win today, OMG is eating some rather disgusting food (although the avacado shake didn’t sound that bad).

But, toothpaste and baby powder?  That is really gross.

Mike’s Ratings (I might miss a few of these since I am at work):
1 being the least disgusting, 10 being the worst.
0 being something Mike would definately eat again.

  • “Rooster Fries” (Testicles) : 0 (“Tastes like chicken” OMG would eat it again)
  • Buttered Cow’s Hoof: 1
  • Avacado Milkshake : 1
  • Beef Tripe (Stomach lining) : 2
  • Chicken Feet :3
  • Roasted Marrow Bone : 4
  • Pickled Octopus : (Rating not said on the webcast though the Gater)
  • Limburger cheese w/ onions and strawberries sandwich : 7?
  • Goat’s Head (Brain) : 7
  • Squid Chips : 8 (Paul at some and had to leave the stuido “The worst thing he’s ever had in his life”)
  • Toothpaste and baby powder: 8 (Possibly disqualified since it is not technically food
  • Belut (sp?) – Duck Embryo (partially developed): 8.5(Mike spit it out or threw up :) I am getting sick just thinking of this one)
  • Goat’s Head (Eye) : 9? (Tastes like warm mayonaise but due to the technical difficulties I missed OMG’s rating)

Quotes of the week:
Steve: “He’s gone from eating balls to sucking on a bone”

Steve: I’d eat the testicles.
Paul: But that’s normal for you.
Steve: But I normally don’t swallow

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