Watching your children / snooping

Now the topic has gone from Toast watching someone else’s children to “snooping’” into your children’s lives.

Even though I am not a parent, I feel that parents should keep a close eye on what their children do. We are at an age where anyone has easy access to anyone else, including pedophiles and children.

Yes, the children will hate it and hold a huge grudge against you if caught but most children don’t know the threats that are out there until it is too late. If you find a Playboy, eh, I wouldn’t sweat it. That is healthy. But, learn the acronyms (there are sites on this), like LMIRL (Let’s Meet In Real Life), LOL (Laughing Out Loud), etc.. Learn the phrases so you know what they’re talking about.

A few sites:

Unless you find something drastic (illegal pictures etc..) I wouldn’t confront them on what you find but instead, talk to them about that situation. Say you see chat logs between your child and an adult. Don’t confront them on this but take an opportunity to talk to them about the dangers of people on the internet and don’t forget to listen to them. Treat them like an adult while talking to them.

Parents need to be involved with their children’s activities.

I tried to call into the show to talk about this important aspect but they didn’t have time for my call (45 minutes on hold). :(

2 Responses to Watching your children / snooping

  • paul says:

    People should never assume their kids know better.

  • admin says:

    Paul, that is very true. Plus, even if the children do know better, people out there who would want to hurt them seem to always be a few steps ahead of children which is the most dangerous part. Children might think parents are being overbearing and overprotective but I do not think they fully understand the dangers out there.

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