Local bands can now promte themselves in the forums

Growing up in New Hampshire, in between Boston, Mass, the University of New Hampshire, and Portsmouth, NH I had exposure to some great local talent. this ranged from some guy with a guitar at my college playing for tips to serving Bradly Delp (original lead singer for the band, Boston) in the seafood department I ran (don’t believe the story about him being a vegan his entire life).

While listening to my iPod tonight it jumped on an album I purchased years ago called “Localpalooza” where a local rock station, WHEB, had a concert series (like Lollapalooza) where they promoted local bands. Say Zusu, Heavens to Murgatriod, and the local favorite, Thanks to Gravity, and it came to me. Without the right promotions, these bands might never had made it. Imagine if no one helped Boston get off their feet and signed them up for their first gig. Would Brad have continued on building refrigerator coils while singing Beatles songs at night clubs?

With this, I decided to add in a section in the forums where local bands can promote themselves. I know it won’t be much now but it is free advertising for them and maybe some of us would be able to catch some of their shows. If you are in a local band (and “local” doesn’t have to be south Florida, I have 3 sections – “south Florida”, “Florida”, and anywhere else) feel free to pop in and post about your band (please read the rules first, though).

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