OMG & The Cuban Sandwich – is it over?

It seems that the basis of this morning’s show is that OMG is having troubles with the Cuban Sandwich. They’ve been together for a while now (but less than a year).

Thoughts on this? Do you think it will be over or to you think they’ll patch it up? Honestly, OMG is 25 and I don’t know how old the Cuban Sandwich is (probabaly low 20s?). They still have most of their lives ahead of them so either way, I wish them both good luck.

From the text messages that Paul just read it sound like it is officially over. :( And OMG, I’ve known plenty of Columbian girls who don’t do coke, go for it. :)

Mike, take some time off and enjoy being single (no commitments, no permission etc..). Go out with your friends, and enjoy life. Don’t just jump back into the game.

As for OMG’s trip next week, I think he made the right choice. Sure, most guys have a fantasy of having a trip like this with a porn star but she seemed a lot high and had other motives to go. Going with a porn star you are expected to be at a much higher standard, you are always thinking that everyone is staring at her, judging him with her, and you also think “who else has been here before”. With the ladies he’s going with, he won’t have any of that nor will he have to deal with any stalkers.

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