OMG get the good sport of the year award

Each time OMG has a prank / stunt that he does you think that it cannot be beat. Last time, OMG spent 5 days in the Miami zoo.

But today, was the funniest day on radio I’ve ever heard – OMG has to hitch hike to Pompano Beach dressed like a cheerleader.

Paul had a “friend of the show”, Dino, who is a bouncer at the Versacci mantion, pick OMG up. He had bloodied towels, a bloody hammer, gay porn, women’s underwear, etc.. in his car and spent the entire time acting psycho.

OMG lasted almost an hour in the car with Dino (a.k.a. “Big Poppy”) – you could tell in OMGs voice as he went form uncomfortable to nervous to out right scared.

Sure enough, the (finally) let him in on it and OMG, while still shaken up, took it very well.

OMG – you deserve the good sport of the year award. if I ever see you out and about, I’ll buy you a drink.

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