Who Do You Know Famous

Who do you know famous is starting again soon – who might call in?

The number for them to call is 954-826-4210 and they must call when the show is on the air.

Starts Monday, November 3rd, 2008 at 6AM and ends Friday, November 7th, 2008 at 10AM.

  • First Prize: A one week trip to Jade Mountain in St Lucia for two
  • Second Place: 2 tickets to every Hard Rock (rock) concert
  • Third Place: $2000 Dinner for 10 in the Wine Room

One Response to Who Do You Know Famous

  • Adriana Zatarain says:

    Hello, I was hoping to get my famous cousin to call but I missed the deadline! I never heard about a winner announced and wanted to make sure that the contest has indeed ended.

    My cousin is Jaime-Lynn Sigler, otherwise known for her role of MEADOW SOPRANO in our dearly missed “SOPRANOS”–which I know Paul & ROn were big fans of! Jaime currently appears in a few episodes of Entourage.

    I’m so sorry to have missed the opportunity! I know she’d be
    more than happy to call, especially if it is for charity.

    In case there is an extension on this for any reason, please let me know so that I may get in touch with her!


    Adriana Zatarain

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