Will I apply for SDJ’s position?

I’ve received a few emails asking if I was going to apply for SDJ’s old position. At this time, I do not intend to apply for the position for many reasons (as much as I would love to work for the P&YR show).

The requirements (listed here) I do not meet them. Even though I do know how to use FrontPage (well, now it’s Web Expressions) and DreamWeaver, I prefer not to use them (nothing beats notepad for web programming) and my knowledge of PHP is extremely limited (this site is just a WordPress blog with a fancy template) plus the call for PHP usually turns into a call for MySQL also, which I am limited to (but I am learning phpMyAdmin).

Also, I am content in my current IT position which I think would pay more than what they would pay a web programmer (not 100% but pretty sure) and running this site would definately be a conflict of interest with the show (and I have to admit, this is probably my most entertaining web project). Nothing like a project that you have to listen to a radio show, one that you enjoy listening to, to keep current.

But, for the show people, to add an image to a site:

< img src="(location of the image)" >

(take out the spaces before and after the brackets and remove the parenthesis)
Is the basic of it, you can also add in width=”n” and height=”n” tags to force a size and alt=”text” to add in a descrption that appears when someone hovers over the image with their mouse pointer.

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