A tribute to Rock

I’ve decided that every now and then I’ll post a tribute to one of the classic rock greatest performers. I’m sure some people will agree with me on some and others will disagree. I’ll post bands that have been an icon in the rock and roll community. I’ll start this off with the band Chicago.

First is a video of Robert Lamm on the piano, he has been with the band for 41 years and is incredible on the piano and an incredible songwriter (Saturday in the Park etc.). This video is long and is “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is” but includes a 5 minute intro / piano solo by Robert.

Next is a great song, Dialogue – a duet with Terry Kath (rip) and Peter Cetera. IMO Peter was a great part of the band even though where he brought the band into the 80s, even though some of their biggest albums (Chicago 17 as an example), I have to call it pseudo-Chicago. They seemed to lose the great jazz-rock sound they had. Luckily, they still have it now.

I’ve seen Chicago live twice (a few years ago in West Palm where Hewey Lewis & the News opened for them) and both times were up there as some of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen.

Feel free to post suggestions for future tributes on the forums.

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