Welcome back everyone!

Welcome back to the new year (and happy New Year all).

I noticed this morning that they mentioned that everyone has been off for the past two weeks except retail. I wish that was true. The customer service reps where I work had to be in so that meant I (the IT guy) had to be in also (plus I support retail). But – I will admit, after spending many years in retail, the holidays are the fastest, most stressful, and worst time of year to work (unless you’re commissioned!). If you currently work in retail, feel free to share some horror stories on Customers Suck (this is a great site for ranting about customers that suck, BTW).

Next item up for bids – the Dolphins standing ovation. While I’m no football fan (I’ll wait for people to stop throwing tomatoes at me), I will admit that the Dolphins did an INCREDIBLE job this year and beat everyone’s expectations, I’ll even give a kudos to all of the die hard fans who stood by them last year (2007-2008) when they had one of their worst seasons ever, I’d say this is the best turnaround of all time. They deserve the standing ovation, great job Dolphins (players, coaches, and trainers).

To attend the standing ovation – the address is :7500 SW 30th St (Miami?)

Next – Snuggies. I’ll admit, these have little use here in south Florida. You might use it once a year here and that’s it. if I lived back up north then I might have a different opinion.

Paul’s puppy – I pay he did NOT get it from a puppy store plus he should have gotten a real dog – a shepherd. :) As for the dog going to the bathroom in the crate (not a cage) – feed him in the crate.

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