Biggest Billboard contest

OK, here’s what I think.

First, my site wasn’t listed. I guess they didn’t take me seriously. :(

Van driving around town – there’s no telling where it is or if people will see it. Good idea but it can also be distracting to other drivers.

Red cups on the overpass – sorry, but it was gone by 11AM the day he did it (I drove under there at 11 and it wasn’t there).

Guy on the street with a sign – great idea but limited exposure and people tend to ignore this since they think it is a panhandler.

Bike billboard traveling all around
– Great idea! I see he got around and concentrated on the beach – great to get people in the demographic that listens to the show plus hooking younger listeners.

Ad in the Miami Herald – asking to vote for the van? web site – no mention of the website so people in other states and countries don’t know where to go.

Water Billboard – The show things it is “fake and Photshopped”. Guess what? It is. 1) Nothing is pulling it so did they just let it loose? 2) Too many different colors for the backgrounds – 3) Text is facing the camera but the billboard is not. 4) The “T” in “The” (top line) goes over the top of the sign, I doubt they bought letters for it. Cheater.

I give my vote to the biker. She was out there busting her butt, has many pictures to prove it, and also got a lot of attention of the people who would listen to the show.

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