Today’s You Can’t Win and Paul’s challenge part II

I have to say this was the best April Fool’s Day joke they’ve ever played – this even beats OMG’s Halloween prank last year. I started to lose reception around mile marker 44 on Alligator Alley but I was able to bounce between Big 105.9 and The Gater 98.7 but I started to really lose it around mile marker 80 so I actually took an exit near there, pulled over and took out my laptop and aircard so I could listen though web radio. This was classic. If I had been in my office I would have called in to play along.

I have to admit – OMG deserves something from this – he is such a good sport considering what they do to him. (Plus what a great job with the prank – the cast, the sponsors, and the callers all did a great job!)

So the big question is – when did you know it was a prank? When Eric got the first question right I thought that it could be extremely possible but once he got into the story with the second question, I knew something was up (although it was great to listen to!).

As for Paul and the Quantum of Solace – I put the movie at the top of my queue on (the same day I returned my three movies). The three were received late Monday, this movie shipped out yesterday and I got it today. I don’t know why Paul was saying some time in May with Netflix but I got mine in 3 working days. (and if it is because he was on a free trial, you’d think Netflix would make them a higher priority so they might actually sign up?).

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