Tribute to the Talking Heads

I’ve decided to do a tribute to a rather undrrated, yet quite influential, band, The Talking Heads. I don’t think we’ve had a band since that could match their theatrics.

First, a love perofrmance of one of their first hits, Phycho Killer (recently featured in an episode of Heroes).

Next a recording from a live performance of Live During Wartime. I’ve personally dubbed this one “The Talking Heads Aerobic Workout Video”. Within 30 seconds you’ll see why. :) They must have been great to see live – I wish I had the opprotunity to see them especially during this time in their career. I also have to admit, David Byrne can move.

Lastly, how could I not include a tribute to them without their biggest hit, Burning Down the House?

The video has embedding disabled but you can view it here:
YouTube Link

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