Tribute to “forgotten rock”

I’ve decided to try to bring back tribute and this one will be to the “forgotten rock”. Sure, we all know the big names, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen, Rolling Stones, Chicago, and so on but there were many other bands that helped bring rock to it’s glory yet seem to not get a lot of airplay today like the Kinks, Slade, and several others.

First, I’ll start with Sweet’s “Fox on the Run“. Sweet (a.k.a. “The Sweet”) brought us several hits including this song, “Ballroom Blitz” (covered in the movie “Wayne’s World), “Teenage Rampage“, and “Love is Like Oxygen“. Sweet is a definite staple of the 70′s rock era that has gotten swept under the rug by much larger and more sucessful acts.

Another forgotten band is Slade. Slade had many hits though the 70s and into the 80′s from “How Does it Feel“, “Look Wot You Dun“, and “Mamma Weer All Crazee Now“. Despite their deliberate misspellings in many of their song titles, they never made it big in the USA but clearly made their mark on modern rock. Gene Simmons (of Kiss) and Tom Petersson (of Cheap Trick) both admitted to being fans of Slade – Gene even admitted that Kiss’ early styles were influenced by Slade. Quiet Riot covered the song’s “Cum on Feel the Noize” and “Mamma Weer All Crazee Now” and Oasis also covered the song “Cum on Feel the Noize” as a B-side to “Don’t Look Back in Anger“.

The next band is one we’ve all heard but most can’t name. T-Rex is credited for being a significant influence in glam rock, punk, as well as assisting in the British invasion during the late 1960s. The band was on the track to making a successful comeback until the untimely death of their singer, Marc Dolan, in a dunk and driving accident in 1977. Their hit “Children of the Revolution” was covered by Bono (U2), Gavin Friday (Bush), Voilent Femes, and Maurice Seezer for the soundtrack to the 2001 musical “Moulin Rouge!” (in the movie performed by Christian, The Bohemians, and the Green Fairy).

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