You Can’t Win has been WON!!!

Today’s caller (Lea Anne) got all 6 questions correct:

Last updated November 4, 2009 (Day 137)

Question #1: I’m famous and I’m a chef but I am not a famous chef – who am I?
Day 31 – May 15, 2009 (Lee): Jeff Probst (Survivor)
Question #2: On average this takes 26 minutes, what is it?
Day 62 – June 30, 2009 (Jake): The average commute time to work from Weston, FL
Question #3: What do the Dukes of Hazard, The A Team, and MacGyver have in common?
Day 88 – August 26, 2009 (Jenn): They’re all on page 87 of Barguments.
Question #4 – On average this takes approximately13 minutes, what is it?
Day 100 – September 14, 2009 (Rob): The time it takes to open the new dome at the new Marlins stadium.
Question #5 What is it legally that a man can that a woman cannot?
Day 123 – October 15, 2009 (Jeff): In Montana it is illegal for a married woman to fish alone on Sunday & illegal for an unmarried woman to fish alone at anytime.
Question #6: Prior to this year it last occurred November 11, 2007. What is it?
Day 137 – November 4, 2009 (Lea Anne): The season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

… and to think I almost missed it today.

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