You Can’t Win has been won!!

Today’s caller, Jeff from Port St Lucie won You Can’t Win. At first they called him wrong until he explained his answer (interchanges = entrance / exit set)

Here are the six questions:

Question #1: What happens when you bang your head against the wall?
Day 3 – January 6, 2010 (Susan (constant caller)): You burn 150 calories an hour.
Question #2: This celebrity’s parents make their own apple butter.
Day 6 – January 12, 2010 (John): Verne Troyer.
Question #3: What happened to former Paul and Young Ron producer Glen Richards on Nov 13, 2001?
Day 57 – March 24, 2010 (Mike): He was nominated for a South Florida AIR Media award.
Question #4: Who mysteriously and eerily predicted in September 2006 that the P&YR show would be heard in Key West.
Day 61 – April 6, 2010 (”Not the very lovely” Linsey – coached by his “lovely” wife): Brad Meltzer – in the “Book of Fate“.
Question #5: What do Jefferson and Nixon have in common?
Day 103 – June 4, 2010 (Jim): They both have the same middle name (Millhouse): Jefferson Millhouse D’Arcy (from Married with Children) and the former president, Richard Millhouse Nixon.
Question 6 – There are 188 of these in Florida. What is it?
Day 110 (again) – June 16, 2010 (Jeff): 188 interchanges on I-95 (entrances / exits).

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