Question #2 was answered (finally)

I missed the name but today’s caller got question #2 correct:

Question #2: Businesses men and women order it at soda fountains.
Day 54 – Dec 2, 2010 ( ): Bovrul (sp?) (It was a beef-yeast enhancement).

So now we have question #3.

Question #3: What is the common link between the Brady Bunch and the Sopranos.

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  • stamp2k1 says:

    The answer to Question #3 could very well be an actor by the name of “David Proval” He played the character named “Richie Aprile” on the Sopranos from 2000-2004 and he also played an Electrician in “The Brady Bunch Movie” in 1995. Here is the link to his IMDB profile. I’m not sure if his name has already been said, I can’t listen everyday.

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