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I think Tammy, today’s caller, got the first half right, Florence Henderson was the spokesperson for Wesson Cooking Oil. After she said that Paul gasped.

But – she got the second half wrong, the advertising agency that set that up also did the advertising for the Sopranos.

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  • Tammie says:

    I was the caller and I think that I said the wrong letters because I just re-looked it up and the ad agency is BBDO not BBDB which is what I said, Kelly Craig said Oh know you said too much when I said BBDB. If you google BBDO sopranos it will come up.

  • admin says:

    I’ll have to re-listen to the podcast when it is posted but I think Paul started to cut you off before you got to that.

    But – enjoy the Pauly’s pick! Those are always good prizes. :)

  • admin says:

    Definately a gasp after the first half – Florence Henderson being the spokeswoman for Wesson cooking oil. He mentioned you did your homework after you answered the question but then he commended “Not even in the wrong boat” (whatever that means).

    We’ll consider your guess a sacrafice fly (if I can use a baseball reference). Considering how anxious they are to get past question #3 (maybe the winner will be able to go to one Panthers game?) I figured they would have thrown a hint or a confirmation at us with the first half.

  • Manny says:

    Also David Proval Played someone in the sopranos and the electrician in the brady bunch movie… idk if thats it but that IS a common link…

  • Brian says:

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