You Can’t Win has been Won!!

Today’s caller, David, won it all.

Question #1: Radio’s Paul Castronovo and Tom Petty (the rocker) both did the same exact thing in Gainesville, what was it?
Day 6 – Set 20, 2010 (Carla): You both were in groups that played at the Dub’s Lounge.

Question #2: Businesses men and women order it at soda fountains.
Day 54 – Dec 2, 2010 ( ): Bovril (sp?) (A beef-yeast enhancement).

Question #3: What is the common link between the Brady Bunch and the Sopranos.
Day 81 – Jan 25, 2011 (Gerald): Florence Henderson and Frank Vincent both ate at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.

Question #4: Historians claim that is’s been around for over 3800 years, long before the birth of Christ and it continues to be very popular today. What is it?
Day 100 (show day 102) – Feb 21, 2011: (Yonni): Manicure.
Day 101 – Feb 22, 2011: (Mark): Nail polish.

Question #5: It happens on the phone less than it happens in the car, what is it?

Day 113 – March 15, 2011 (Dave): Some incureable romantic marriage proposal.

Question #6: 9 out of 10 English college students have done what?
Day 138 (show day 135) – April 17, 2011 (David): Male have kissed another male student on the lips.

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