Ashley Madison web site

Personally I think the website is immoral and it is something I would never do nor go to it.


My way of protesting this is that I am not going to go to the site nor am I going to take advantages of their services. I’m an adult I can make my own decisions. Honestly, there is enough idolizing of unethical acts in the media today so why is everyone jumping on this one site? They didn’t cause the infidelity and if someone is going to cheat – they are going to cheat. As it was said, learn to talk to your partner / spouse.

Quit with the knee-jerk reaction people are having. “I’m never going to listen to P&YR again”, “I’m never going to listen to Clear Channel anymore” etc… grow up and be an adult. If you’re really that upset about it then go out and start your own website helping people build their relationships and compete with Ashley Madison. Quit being crybabies and start acting like an adult.

Clear Channel has P&YR on to make them money and they do this though advertisers. This site wants to make money so they figured advertising on P&YR would reach the most people for their buck. Everyone has a right to do what they’re doing and WE have the right to either go to the site, ignore them, or compete with them.