Nice joke today..

Suzie called in today as “Tatiana” and answered question #5 correctly – first red flag she gave the same answer again. Then, she got question #6 correct on the first day it was asked. of course, after a few minutes of celebrations they took some callers stating that it was the same caller from the day before.

After a few minutes, they let Greg on (who was the real caller) for his guess.

Bring back the 30 day rule!!!

Today’s caller was the ultimate prize whore. She calls in every week with the same (or similar) answer. Obviously she doesn’t care about the game and only cares about winning prizes. Even after Paul said she was going to say the WRONG answer she still gave the wrong answer.


To all the complainers out there..

I guess there have been some people claiming that question #6 was unfair and it wasn’t worded correctly.

Personally, I think you’re just mad because you didn’t win “You Can’t Win”. It is their game show, they can word the questions in anyway they want to. So what if it is hard, that is the point of the game and is the main reason why they have good prizes for the game, it lasts for a long time and is good advertising for the sponsors. If the game was easy and only lasted a few weeks the “prizes” would only be some DVDs, a couple of concert tickets, and maybe some CDs.

But, if you still don’t like it – get your own sponsors, your own radio show, and start your own game show.

Rob: question #2 wrong but question #5 right!

You be the judge!

Rob clearly said “bicentennial” when the correct answer for question #2 was centennial.

But, Rob did get question #5 correct, Tarpon Bend in Fort Lauderdale has a picture of Paul but no picture of Ron.

You be the judge – I think they should have cut him off at question #2 since people have been dumped for not saying “The city of Palm Beach” (instead, they said “Palm Beach”).  I’e seen people be dumped for getting a lot closer than this.