Dave Lamont

The Show – Sept 11, 2009 Dave Lamont and Alice Cooper

I don’t know how much or how often I’ll be able to make posts like this since I do start work at 7am Mon-Fri but I’ll see if I can and update the post as the show goes on.

Dave Lamont is back, even if it is just for the day, I’m sure most people appreciate hearing his voice back on the radio.

The interview with Alice Cooper went extremely well. Alice is performing at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater (tickets start at $33). Alice announced that $1 of every ticket will go to the food bank. Alice also commented that even though he loves to play golf, his “character” on stage hates golf. :) There will also be a contest where one person will win the opprotunity to “throw out the balloons” during the concert’s closer, “School’s Out” (which Alice said is the main “party” song). Alice was a great interview, down to earth and he at least tried to be funny.

Ben Bailey from the Cash Cab was on talking about the Cash Cab and his comedy shows. Ben actually had to go to a cab school and get licensed to drive a cab before he could do the show, including a drug test and background check (neither of which he was “prepared’ for). Ben is also appearing at the Improv Comedy Club in Hollywood this weekend. Tickets are still available.


This week’s “season finale” of HarryOki was Dave Lamont vs. (Young) Ron Brewer.

OK, does Ron really know Faith No More? (I’m calling a set up)

OK – I missed a lot of the real version but Dave Lamont did win (I guess he whipped Ron’s ass).

Dave Lamont back on Harryoki

Its always good to hear Dave Lamont on the show – he was always good and its still depressing that he is gone – hopefully Paul’s “call” helped him get a good gig.

As for HarryOki – Dave easily beat Ralphie May.

Harry-oki (With Dave Lamont)

HarryOki this morning had a great guest caller- Dave Lamont!

Dave Lamont beat out Dom Hererra – it was good to have Dave back.

BUT – Quiet Riot COVERED “Cum on Feel the Noize” – it was originally done by Slade (IMO Quiet Riot killed it).

This week’s Harryoki was pretty easy for me.

Dave Lamont – coming back (well, calling back) for a talk.

It’ll be good to hear him again.  I’m not a huge sports fan but this is one I’ll stick around for.

I agree, Dave know about as much as you can know about local and college sports.

Dave called in from Louisisana, he will be covering on ESPN classic next week and will not be doing th FAU game.  Dave is rooting for the Miami Hurricanes as a fan but the Gators as a “football” person in this week’s game in Gainesville.

 Dave’s pick the Gators by 17 points.

Dave’s call was quick but as usual, he gave some great information.