Yet another hint today..

But today’s hint was an audio hint – you need to go to PaulandYoungRon.com to listen (right now it is on the splash page).

I won’t give the hint away but it is a quote from a classic movie.

I think we’re going to have an answer very soon.

Today’s hint

Today’s hint is:

Ask Ron Magill – he will know.

Today’s hint..

Today’s hint is:

Lower extremities.

(Add in the hint from the other day – “It’s not human“)


Another hint today…

Paul dropped another hint today.
“It’s not human”

Today’s hint..

Today’s hint is the question:

“These are getting smaller due to pollution, what are they?”

Today’s hint

Old hint:  ”on”

Today’s hint: “off”

Another hint today?

After YCW Paul commented that he gave out another hint today and that he “discussed it openly”.  I didn’t catch it but it was between 6am and YCW time (8:10am).

Today’s hint

Today’s hint for question #5 (given by Ron) is:


They are trying to pronounce it oddly – more like “awn” as in:

  1. a bristlelike appendage of a plant, especially on the glumes of grasses.
  2. such appendages collectively, as those forming the beard of wheat, barley, etc.
  3. any similar bristle.