Update on OMG Mike

Paul noted today that he’s received a lot of inquiries about OMG Mike. Apparently he’s doing a lot more “behind the scenes” work (audio etc.) and is still with the show, just not on the air as often (if at all?).

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit

I’d like to give a thank you to OMG for sending me the link to this. When they played it last week i thought it was great.

Mike’s “Trial”

I think OMG is not guilty. He told the cashier about the beer and she chose NOT to ring it up. I think we’ve all been in the situation where someone forgot to charge us for something and we didn’t say anything. The cashier didn’t ring it up so why is Mike guilty?

Despite what Paul is saying – no one is going to get fired over this, the store will write off the case of beer as “shrink”. I spent many years working in grocery stores (bagger up to department management), I know for a fact that unless they suspect it is someone doing it over and over, they will only write off the case of beer. I double OMG is going in there every week to steal beer.

Today’s You Can’t Win and Paul’s challenge part II

I have to say this was the best April Fool’s Day joke they’ve ever played – this even beats OMG’s Halloween prank last year. I started to lose reception around mile marker 44 on Alligator Alley but I was able to bounce between Big 105.9 and The Gater 98.7 but I started to really lose it around mile marker 80 so I actually took an exit near there, pulled over and took out my laptop and aircard so I could listen though web radio. This was classic. If I had been in my office I would have called in to play along.

I have to admit – OMG deserves something from this – he is such a good sport considering what they do to him. (Plus what a great job with the prank – the cast, the sponsors, and the callers all did a great job!)

So the big question is – when did you know it was a prank? When Eric got the first question right I thought that it could be extremely possible but once he got into the story with the second question, I knew something was up (although it was great to listen to!).

As for Paul and the Quantum of Solace – I put the movie at the top of my queue on (the same day I returned my three movies). The three were received late Monday, this movie shipped out yesterday and I got it today. I don’t know why Paul was saying some time in May with Netflix but I got mine in 3 working days. (and if it is because he was on a free trial, you’d think Netflix would make them a higher priority so they might actually sign up?).

OMG get the good sport of the year award

Each time OMG has a prank / stunt that he does you think that it cannot be beat. Last time, OMG spent 5 days in the Miami zoo.

But today, was the funniest day on radio I’ve ever heard – OMG has to hitch hike to Pompano Beach dressed like a cheerleader.

Paul had a “friend of the show”, Dino, who is a bouncer at the Versacci mantion, pick OMG up. He had bloodied towels, a bloody hammer, gay porn, women’s underwear, etc.. in his car and spent the entire time acting psycho.

OMG lasted almost an hour in the car with Dino (a.k.a. “Big Poppy”) – you could tell in OMGs voice as he went form uncomfortable to nervous to out right scared.

Sure enough, the (finally) let him in on it and OMG, while still shaken up, took it very well.

OMG – you deserve the good sport of the year award. if I ever see you out and about, I’ll buy you a drink.

OMG Back with the Cuban Sandwich?

So, is OMG back together with the Cuban Sandwich?

OMG & The Cuban Sandwich – is it over?

It seems that the basis of this morning’s show is that OMG is having troubles with the Cuban Sandwich. They’ve been together for a while now (but less than a year).

Thoughts on this? Do you think it will be over or to you think they’ll patch it up? Honestly, OMG is 25 and I don’t know how old the Cuban Sandwich is (probabaly low 20s?). They still have most of their lives ahead of them so either way, I wish them both good luck.

From the text messages that Paul just read it sound like it is officially over. :( And OMG, I’ve known plenty of Columbian girls who don’t do coke, go for it. :)

Mike, take some time off and enjoy being single (no commitments, no permission etc..). Go out with your friends, and enjoy life. Don’t just jump back into the game.

As for OMG’s trip next week, I think he made the right choice. Sure, most guys have a fantasy of having a trip like this with a porn star but she seemed a lot high and had other motives to go. Going with a porn star you are expected to be at a much higher standard, you are always thinking that everyone is staring at her, judging him with her, and you also think “who else has been here before”. With the ladies he’s going with, he won’t have any of that nor will he have to deal with any stalkers.

No YCW today but OMG has a rather interesting breakfast.

Yep, there is no You Can’t Win today, OMG is eating some rather disgusting food (although the avacado shake didn’t sound that bad).

But, toothpaste and baby powder?  That is really gross.

Mike’s Ratings (I might miss a few of these since I am at work):
1 being the least disgusting, 10 being the worst.
0 being something Mike would definately eat again.

  • “Rooster Fries” (Testicles) : 0 (“Tastes like chicken” OMG would eat it again)
  • Buttered Cow’s Hoof: 1
  • Avacado Milkshake : 1
  • Beef Tripe (Stomach lining) : 2
  • Chicken Feet :3
  • Roasted Marrow Bone : 4
  • Pickled Octopus : (Rating not said on the webcast though the Gater)
  • Limburger cheese w/ onions and strawberries sandwich : 7?
  • Goat’s Head (Brain) : 7
  • Squid Chips : 8 (Paul at some and had to leave the stuido “The worst thing he’s ever had in his life”)
  • Toothpaste and baby powder: 8 (Possibly disqualified since it is not technically food
  • Belut (sp?) – Duck Embryo (partially developed): 8.5(Mike spit it out or threw up :) I am getting sick just thinking of this one)
  • Goat’s Head (Eye) : 9? (Tastes like warm mayonaise but due to the technical difficulties I missed OMG’s rating)

Quotes of the week:
Steve: “He’s gone from eating balls to sucking on a bone”

Steve: I’d eat the testicles.
Paul: But that’s normal for you.
Steve: But I normally don’t swallow