Paul Castronovo

This week’s Harryoki

This week featured the reigning champion Dave Lamont going against Pete Coreale. After a tough game, Dave came out in the end beating Pete 3 to 2. David will be back next week to defend his title!

A question for Paul in regards to Twitter.

If you’re asking questions on Twitter – don’t expect to hear any replies unless you start following people.

Paul has 155 followers but is only following 11 people – meaning you won’t hear 144 people answering your questions.

Happy birthday Paul!

Tomorrow is Paul’s birthday – don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Paul!!!

Today in Rock (Jan 9) & Paul’s fascination?

  • 1945 – Jimmy Page was born (Led Zeppelin
  • 1968 – Dave Matthews was born

On a side note – what is Paul’s fascination with the movie Braveheart? I don’t think a week goes by without him mentioning it a few times. Maybe I should keep count one week? (Of course, he’ll probably read this and then not mention it for a few weeks). I’ll admit – it’s a good movie but I think its one of his top movies.

Paul is going to be jealous.

Yeah, Paul is going to be jealous when he reads this.

I’ve met Steven King.


I went to college at the University of Maine in Orono (about 5 miles north of Bangor). The first time he came to my literature class to give a lecture and a Q&A (after we read “The Body”). The second time was at a UMaine hockey celebration / rally (college sponsored since they were on the way to (and did win) the NCAA championship.

One of Paul’s favorite places – Bass Pro Shop’s Outdoor World

Paul is always talking about Bass Pro Shop’s Outdoor World so my wife and I decided to check it out this weekend (a friend of her’s also told us it was a good place to get some dog training supplies).

It is very easy to get to, take I-95 to Griffin road and go west. At the first intersection (light) after 95, take a left and then take your first left. You’ll go past a Tri-Rail station and twist around a little and it will be on your left next to the fishing hall of fame (they have one of those?).

I have to say I really liked this place. It reminds me of LL Bean in Freeport, Maine and the Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, Maine. If you think it is just fishing supplies, you are gravely mistaken.

They have everything and anything for outdoor activities. Fishing, hunting (rifle and bow), boating, pools, dog training equipment, camping, kayaking, tents, tons of clothes, boots, bags, coolers, and that’s just the beginning. I even laughed at the bait vending machine outside.

The prices aren’t that bad, a little less than LL Bean but very close in quality (the products seem good). Plus they have almost anything you’d need (I’ll have to go to Home Depot to get the snap hooks that I need but they did have mountain climbing rope which will make good dog training leashes). We even picked up a few presents for my nephew (who turned 1 a few months ago).

They even have a restaurant inside and a sushi bar (you wouldn’t see this in Maine!). The food was very good and the price was good compared to what you’d pay at a nicer restaurant (I think our bill came to $55 for my wife and I, no alcohol but we did get appetizers).

We’ll visit there again, definitely. I guess LL Bean just lost us to this place for some of our shopping.  We’ll still head up there when we’re in NH visiting my family but that may be it, no more catalog ordering for us.