Questions Answered

You Can’t Win – HAS BEEN WON

Check out our answers page for season 12 to see what the answer to question #6 was!

Question #5 has been answered

Sal got question #5 correct today – Paul and Young Ron have a total of 446 inches of television.

This gives us question #6 that will not be spoken on the show but is available on the Paul and Young Ron website.

Question #4 has been answered.

Today’s caller, Beverly, got question #4:

They both get blotches and bumps and one of them is on the Paul and Young Ron show, who is the other person?

Cynthia Nixon (From Sex and the City)

This gives us question #5:

Paul and Young Ron have 446 inches combined of what?

Note:  446 inches is 37 feet, 2 inches.

Question #3 has finally been answered

Today’s caller, the ‘counsel” answered question #3 – It is the number of days old Paul (Castronovo) was on March 6, 2013.

You can see question #4 on the Current Season #12 page.

Question 3 has been answered – well, not really.

Dave, today’s caller, had question #3 wrong at first but then corrected himself later – sadly, Paul did not accept it since they started to tell him it was wrong before he corrected it.

You can hear MOST of the right answer on the podcast for the 8:00 hour when it is posted on their website (I say most because Dave also missed one part of it – but it seems like it would be accepted without it).

Question #2 has been answered

Diane, today’s caller, got question #2 correct.

The first laser pointer sold on eBay was $14.83.

This gives us question #3:

19,400: What is the significance of this number?


Brad Meltzer explains Dale Castronovo

Brad Meltzer is on explaining the name “Dale Castronovo”.  Whenever he writes a book he auctions off one name for a charity (Paul and Young Ron) so he kept the last name “Castronovo” and Dale is Brad’s mother-in-law.

Question #1 has been answered!

Today’s caller, Vicki, got question #1 correct today.

  • She likes Def Leppard and runs a secret musem that houses body parts.  Who is she?
    • Dale Castronovo (A character in Brad Meltzer’s new book, “The Fifth Assassin”).

This means question #2 was asked,

  • It cost $14.33 what was it?