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The biggest billboard

What the hell, I’m offering this site up for the “biggest billboard”. According to traffic history, this site gets at least 100 visitors a day Monday though Friday and about 50-75 a day Saturday and Sunday.

If I am not on the ballot and you would like to vote for this site (I don’t know how voting will go) just enter :)

Good luck to all the contestants!

P&YR Talk about their annual food drive

They’ll be live at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World starting at 6AM.

They’ve added two events this year also:

Dec 11 – Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza – private event “Paul and Young Ron pizza and wine extravaganza. They’re also giving away a cruise along with many other prizes. (Food and wine are free). Tickets are $125 each.

Dec 18 – At the Improv – Paul and Young Ron’s comedy for a cause starring Adam Ferrera. 20 seats at $100 each (free food & alcohol)


What is it?

I guess they post a question online and then take callers to try to answer the question(s)?

They continue to ask you questions – it seems like each person can either take the money and run or try to answer the next question for more money (but if you get a question wrong then you lose all the money).

Today, the first day, was Andy.

These two JFK guys were both born today in 1946 – who are they? (Andy is going to miss it).

There will be a new question for tomorrow.

I really hope this is not replacing You Can’t Win.