The Show

YCW is back today

Paul has been out the past 3 days so they just did the best of’s but he’s back today and YCW should be back around 8(ish).

Friday’s hint

They gave another hint on Friday:

Ralphie May

So this gives us:

Florence Henderson and Frank Vincent did something (in common) that (possibly?) used Wesson Oil (Wessonality) in a resturant here in South Florida – maybe Ralphie May also did it?

Edit: Phone issues are resolved – You Can’t Win should be on at 8(ish).

No You Can’t Win today

Due to technical issues with their phones, there was no You Can’t Win today.

Paul gets recruited to the Navy and Lisa on the show.

I’m going to see if I do have the time to be able to post recaps about the show but it may not be consistent or include all significant topics due to work.

Paul got a letter from the Navy recruiting him. He did call the contact # on the form but they’re waiting for the Navy to call him back.

Which Marlins is #6 of all times? He’ll be on the show soon.

8:00 hour – Lisa Lampanelli, a.k.a. “The Queen of Mean”, will be on the show.

Today in Rock (Apr 3) and Panthers hockey

I highly recommend anyone to go watch a Panthers game. Like I said, the game Tuesday night was incredible (where the Panthers beat the Senators 5-2). We had a great time (good food and the souvenirs are not too badly priced).

Today in Rock:

  • 1939 – Jeff Barry (wrote the song “Leader of the Pack”) was born.
  • 1942 – Wayne Newton was born.
  • 1946 – Dee Murray (Elton John Band) was born.
  • 1955 – Mick Mars (Motley Crew) was born.
  • 1961 – Eddie Murphy was born.
  • 1969 – Jim Morrison turns himself over to the FBI in Los Angeles. Charged with inter-state flight to avoid prosecution on six charges of lewd behavior and public exposure at a concert in Miami on 2 March 1969, he is later released on $2000 bail.

Today’s You Can’t Win and Paul’s challenge part II

I have to say this was the best April Fool’s Day joke they’ve ever played – this even beats OMG’s Halloween prank last year. I started to lose reception around mile marker 44 on Alligator Alley but I was able to bounce between Big 105.9 and The Gater 98.7 but I started to really lose it around mile marker 80 so I actually took an exit near there, pulled over and took out my laptop and aircard so I could listen though web radio. This was classic. If I had been in my office I would have called in to play along.

I have to admit – OMG deserves something from this – he is such a good sport considering what they do to him. (Plus what a great job with the prank – the cast, the sponsors, and the callers all did a great job!)

So the big question is – when did you know it was a prank? When Eric got the first question right I thought that it could be extremely possible but once he got into the story with the second question, I knew something was up (although it was great to listen to!).

As for Paul and the Quantum of Solace – I put the movie at the top of my queue on (the same day I returned my three movies). The three were received late Monday, this movie shipped out yesterday and I got it today. I don’t know why Paul was saying some time in May with Netflix but I got mine in 3 working days. (and if it is because he was on a free trial, you’d think Netflix would make them a higher priority so they might actually sign up?).

Interviews or no interviews?

Personally, I think a lot of them can be quite entertaining and fun. Good examples are always Frank Calliendo, Matt Damon, and even Bill Murry was good during who do you know famous. But some of them do go downhill (and sometimes they are more entertaining) like Tonya Harding and Joe the plumber.

Any other thoughts? Feel free to post on the forums.

Toast has never been to the Keys..

There is a simple solution to this. If his wife works every Saturday then that means she has a weekday off.

The solution is, they both go to the show at 6AM and then, when the show starts, Toast starts to drive to the Keys. He should keep his phone on, or his wife could use it (whoever isn’t driving or use a heaset) and report back in every now and then (15-30 minutes?).

He shouldn’t hit any serious traffic while leaving since he’ll be south of Miami by 7-7:30 (he might hit a little but that’s it).

He should definately report back when he gets to Key West (and I mean Old Town, Key West, not the fake Key West). I can even give him the name of a bar / resturant that a friend of mine works at and Toast could spend the day (head home by 5:00-6:00PM).

And yes, redneck olympics did stink. I’m sure it could be a hit with better planning (like the stereotypical olympics).