Toast has never been to the Keys..

There is a simple solution to this. If his wife works every Saturday then that means she has a weekday off.

The solution is, they both go to the show at 6AM and then, when the show starts, Toast starts to drive to the Keys. He should keep his phone on, or his wife could use it (whoever isn’t driving or use a heaset) and report back in every now and then (15-30 minutes?).

He shouldn’t hit any serious traffic while leaving since he’ll be south of Miami by 7-7:30 (he might hit a little but that’s it).

He should definately report back when he gets to Key West (and I mean Old Town, Key West, not the fake Key West). I can even give him the name of a bar / resturant that a friend of mine works at and Toast could spend the day (head home by 5:00-6:00PM).

And yes, redneck olympics did stink. I’m sure it could be a hit with better planning (like the stereotypical olympics).