Another hint today…

Paul dropped another hint today.
“It’s not human”

Today’s hint..

Today’s hint is the question:

“These are getting smaller due to pollution, what are they?”


Feel free to check out the latest from “Ratty and the Watchers”.

Check out their other songs – kinda a cross between rock and folk-like, they call it “Wolf Rock”. :)

Question #5 has been answered

Sal got question #5 correct today – Paul and Young Ron have a total of 446 inches of television.

This gives us question #6 that will not be spoken on the show but is available on the Paul and Young Ron website.

Today’s hint

Old hint:  ”on”

Today’s hint: “off”

Another hint today?

After YCW Paul commented that he gave out another hint today and that he “discussed it openly”.  I didn’t catch it but it was between 6am and YCW time (8:10am).

Today’s hint

Today’s hint for question #5 (given by Ron) is:


They are trying to pronounce it oddly – more like “awn” as in:

  1. a bristlelike appendage of a plant, especially on the glumes of grasses.
  2. such appendages collectively, as those forming the beard of wheat, barley, etc.
  3. any similar bristle.

Is the answer out there already?

Ron just commented that someone posted the answer on “some sort of social media website”.