Season 5 Final Tally – Including all of the wrong answers

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Last update: Day 93 (July 21, 2008)

Question 1: What costs $5 for city residents and $10 for non residents?
Answer: Getting your finger prints taken in Palm Beach Gardens
Wrong Answer (Day 60 – Tony): Having your fingerprints taken in Palm Beach County. What was Tony thinking? Please do not call unless you can get the first three correct!
Question 2: What happens on April 17, 2011?
Answer: The city of Palm Beach will celebrate its centennial
Wrong Answer (Day 50 – Geno): The names of Paul’s, Ron’s and Steve’s pets (what was this guy (Geno) thinking?)?
Question 3: Where is a February suntan a selling point?
Answer: It is the number 10 reason to attend Barry university in Miami (Answered on day 45)
Question 4: What two things to Paul Castronovo and Sir Winston Churchill have in common?
Wrong Answer (Day 45): They both have hairy butts and breath sweat
Wrong Answer (Day 46): Both drink heavily and love cigars.
Wrong Answer (Day 47): Same birthday or related somehow? (Paul hesitated with this answer, perhaps something about their birthdays?)
Wrong Answer (Day 48): Both mentioned on Ron’s MySpace page
Day 49: Missed
Wrong Answer (Day 51): Both smoke Churchill Cigars
Day 52 – Missed
Wrong Answer (Day 53): Like to drink and fish
Wrong Answer (Day 54): Both related to George Washington and both had a sixth toe removed at birth.
Wrong Answer (Day 55): Both born in New York
Wrong Answer (Day 56): Wear Briget (sp?) watch
Day 57 – Missed :(
Wrong Answer (Day 58 – Jeff): Both have a cigar named after them and…
Wrong Answer (Day 59): Both had a studdering problem in their youth
Wrong Answer (Day 61): Both public speakers in their own communities and both like a good drink
Wrong Answer (Day 62 – Gene): Both stayed at the Doville (sp?) and hired a hooker.
Half Correct Answer (Day 63 – Michelle): Both have been to Cap’s Place in Lighthouse point (CORRECT!!) Second – Both moms are named after states in the US (Virginia).
Wrong Answer (Day 63 – Lee): Both have been to Cap’s Place and both have the dubious distinction of being called “sir” (Lee almost missed it by getting question #2 wrong)
Wrong Answer (Day 64 – Rosie): Both ate at Cap’s Place & both have / had a bird. (Rosie didn’t seem to realize that the first half of question #4 has been answered. Wrong answer #2 from Rosie- both have written books.
Wrong Answer (Day 66 – Moses): Both have visited Cap’s Place & Paul was born on the day Winston died.
Wrong Answer (Day 67 – Kenny): (Cap’s Place) & caught one hell of a mean swordfish
Wrong Answer (Day 68 – Lewis): (Cap’s Place) & both went to the school for ……
Wrong Answer (Day 69 – Sal): (Cap’s Place) & both mothers were born in upstate NY.
Wrong Answer (Day 70 – Kevin): (Cap’s Place) & Born in the same town
Wrong Answer (Day 71 – Scott): (Cap’s Place) & Near Palm Beach – Manalapana Estates – Street named after Winston & Paul might have lived there
Wrong Answer (Day 72 – Linda): (Cap’s Place) & Both stayed at the Breaker’s (in the same room?).
Wrong Answer (Day 73 – Moises): (Cap’s Place) & ……..
Wrong Answer (Day 74 – Mike): (Cap’s Place) & both stayed in the Keys
Wrong Answer (Day 75 – Nikki): (Cap’s Place) & Stayed at Castella De Matre (sp?) in Italy
Wrong Answer (Day 76 – Tony): (Cap’s Place) & stayed at the Great Cliffs in the Bahamas.
Wrong Answer (Day 77 – Rosie): (Cap’Place) & Boca Raton Hotel and Resort
Wrong Answer (Day 78 – Mark): (Cap’s Place) & Erectile dysfunction
Wrong Answer (Day 79 – Chuck): (Cap’s Place) & Dined at Gall’s Taste of Brazil in Boca Raton
Wrong Answer (Day 80 – Eric): (Cap’s Place) & sat in Winston’s chair in the Arcade (?) tap room in Delray Beach
Wrong Answer (Day 81 – Lori): (Cap’s Place) & Visited Haro’s (sp?) School in London
Wrong Answer (Day 82 – Carol): (Cap’s Place) & Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach (I thought she listened every day?)
Wrong Answer (Day 83 – Kevin): (Cap’s Place) & have a custom built bathroom
Wrong Answer (Day 84 – Michelle): (Cap’s Place) & stayed at the Berverly Wilcher Hotel
Wrong Answer (Day 85 – Mary): (Cap’s Place) & The Biltmore in LA
Wrong Answer (Day 86 – Jason): (Cap’s Place) & stayed at a hotel in Panama
Wrong Answer (Day 87 – Ben): (Cap’s Place) & stayed at the Taj in Boston
Correct Answer (Day 88 – Scott) (Cap’s Place) & Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire
Wrong Answer (Day 89 – Keith) Stayed at the Breakers.


Answered Question #5 – Picture Picture on the wall there is no Ron Brewer but only Paul, where am I?
Wrong Answer (Day 88 – Scott) Joe’s Stone Crab
Wrong Answer (Day 90 – Joe) Paul’s wife’s office (Paul commented it was a very good ansswer)
Wrong Answer (Day 91 – Susan) At Paul Castronovo’s mother’s house
Correct Answer (Day 92 – Rob) Tarpon Bend Ft Lauderdale (CORRECT!) – Was going to be Anthony’s Runway 84.


Unanswered Question 6 – Even though I am #6, downtown here I don’t exist. What am I?
Wrong Answer (Day 92 – Rob) –no answer–
Correct Answer (Day 93 – Jeff) John Quincy Adams (Hollywood, FL does not have a street named after him but all of the other presidents)

And remember, You CAN win!

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