Season 5 Final Tally (game ended July 21, 2008) – correct answers only

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Last update: Day 92 July 18, 2008)

Question 1: What costs $5 for city residents and $10 for non residents?
Answer: Getting your finger prints taken in Palm Beach Gardens
Question 2: What happens on April 17, 2011?
Answer: The city of Palm Beach will celebrate its centennial
Question 3: Where is a February suntan a selling point?
Answer: It is the number 10 reason to attend Barry university in Miami (Answered on day 45)
Question 4: What two things to Paul Castronovo and Sir Winston Churchill have in common?
Half Correct Answer (Day 63 – Michelle): Both have been to Cap’s Place in Lighthouse point (CORRECT!!) Second – Both moms are named after states in the US (Virginia).
Correct Answer (Day 88 – Scott): Both have been to Cap’s Place & Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire
Answered Question #5 – Picture Picture on the wall there is no Ron but only Paul, where am I?
Correct Answer (Day 92 – Rob) Tarpon Bend Ft Lauderdale (CORRECT!) – Paul mentioned that it was going to be Anthony’s Runway 84

Unanswered Question 6 – Even though I am #6, downtown here I don’t exist. What am I?Correct Answer (Day 93 – Jeff) John Quincy Adams (Hollywood, FL does not have a street named after him but all of the other presidents)

The prizes for the game were:

  • 2 year lease on a brand new Honda Civic from Rick Case Honda.
  • Royal Carribean Cruise for two to Alaska with round trip airfare.
  • VX-110 Waverunner from Motorsports of Ft. Lauderdale.
  • Laptop and multifunction printer/fax/scanner/copier from Saxon Business Systems.
  • $2,000 in cash from EF Tire & Auto Repair.
  • 6-pack of Landshark Beer for every day there isn’t a winner.

And remember, You CAN win!

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