You Can’t Win – HAS BEEN WON

Check out our answers page for season 12 to see what the answer to question #6 was!

Yet another hint today..

But today’s hint was an audio hint – you need to go to to listen (right now it is on the splash page).

I won’t give the hint away but it is a quote from a classic movie.

I think we’re going to have an answer very soon.

Is the answer out there already?

Ron just commented that someone posted the answer on “some sort of social media website”.

Question 3 has been answered – well, not really.

Dave, today’s caller, had question #3 wrong at first but then corrected himself later – sadly, Paul did not accept it since they started to tell him it was wrong before he corrected it.

You can hear MOST of the right answer on the podcast for the 8:00 hour when it is posted on their website (I say most because Dave also missed one part of it – but it seems like it would be accepted without it).

A public service announcement…

If you know the answer to question #3, please make sure you know the answers to questions #1 and #2 – they are posted on this site.

The answer to question #3 is on their website.

Thank you to “G Surfer” for emailing me a screenshot of the answer and I went to the site and was able to confirm that the answer is on the site.  I can’t post the answer on this site (sadly) but I can give a hint.

The answer to #3 has been posted

Paul commented that he posted the answer to #3 on the Paul and Young Ron website (


Is question #3 going to be replaced?

Paul is commenting that “there is no way someone will get question #3″ and right now is discussing if he is going to replace it with another question.

He also commented that they may post the answer on their website.

We’ll see where this goes.